Theory J

Yoga that builds strength and endurance.

How do you explain that to a triathlete?

‘Through static muscular contractions and lifting your own body weight in various ways and combinations’
Is it aerobic?
‘No, the idea of yoga is to slow the heart rate and the respiration, as well as the activity of the mind.
Through conscious effort and concentration you slowly learn control of the functions of the autonomic nervous system, like heart rate, muscle contraction,brain wave patterns, etc.You then use that control to build heat and power.How does it build endurance if it is not aerobic?
With this routine you are training the lungs to increase their volume and uptake while training the heart to increase its efficiency.
Studies on advanced practitioners of this type of yoga show that the resultant effects on the heart and lungs are very similar to the effects of aerobic sports,the resting heart rate slows, the capacity of the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to the muscle increases and the anaerobic threshold moves farther away.