Practice J

Yoga is not about being flexible’ –
Flexibility is a by product of the practice and not a pre-requisite.

So what is Yoga? Try typing it into Google, there are countless answers to this question and it can be confusing.I like to keep things simple, for me ‘It is being in the moment’.

One of the greatest obstacles for athletes is injury of any kind be it muscular or joint related. This stops the flow of your training and in many ways creates as many mental problems as it does physical.The body needs to be strong at the core.From this foundation we can develop our muscle and create a balanced and supple body. The risk of injury is greatly reduced when the muscles have an increased range of motion and therefore mobility.
When developing the core people naturally think of the abdominals, these are only one side of our core structure and if developed in isolation can create imbalance in the lower back. It is important that all sides of our core are isolated and developed in order to have a strong and balanced core.
The Practice works on the principle of heat in conjunction with muscular contraction and dynamic movement. The breathing is also a key element and its contribution to the practice cannot be underestimated when combined with the above, it enhances our physical and mental wellbeing.


I am a long distance runner and have found the practice helps me to extend my range of motion, especially my hamstrings.

David C

As a keen springboard diver I have used the practice to enhance my balance and core stability.

John H

Triathlons are demanding and I supplement my training program with the practice. It is highly effective both pre and post competition.

Lorraine S